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Summer’s End

For this post, I wanted to showcase a more casual/streetwear look before the long awaited fall season kicks in and before I can start more layering and warmer outfits.

Photos by Andrew Edwards


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Hudson & Hawk

For the past few months I have been visiting my city’s newest barbershop, Hudson and Hawk. Let me tell you, these guys couldn’t have done better in bringing back the classic barbershop vibe. For decades, the old-school barbershop was almost obsolete from its steady decline since the 1940s, but has fortunately begun its renaissance. This is great not only because men can now get a proper haircut, but because it just makes you feel manly. By walking into a true barbershop, you get a sense of belonging and comfort. Art of Manliness has a great article on why men should visit barbershops here. Hudson and Hawk has embraced this concept, gave it an updated feel, but still kept the warm atmosphere and rugged fashion of your grandfather’s barbershop. From the moment you sit down with a hot cup of coffee to when to stand up from the chair feeling like a million bucks, there’s no doubt you will walk out the door satisfied. These gents know their way around a pair of scissors and clippers. If you’re ever in town, be sure to stop by for some good conversation, music, and a sharp cut.

Hudson & Hawk Barbers

Springfield, MO


Photo credit: Nathan Stracke, http://lensmanphotos.blogspot.com




As summer is coming to a close, one of the things I have wanted to do all season is get some summer suiting in. And what better way to do so than to sport a suit inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s, The Great Gatsby?


Style Icons: JFK

My first Style Icon post is dedicated to none other than the incomparable John Fitzgerald Kennedy. First in my personal idols, JFK is such a classic figure who is so timeless, he has stood throughout history as the fearless leader and face of the 1960’s. Not only do I consider him one of the greatest presidents, but also one of the best dressed gentlemen of the twentieth century. He not only incorporates the great, traditional ivy league prep style, but has possibly immortalized it. And for that, I salute you Mr. President.